Double Hipped Edwardian Conservatory

Location: Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset

Project Background

Our clients reached out to us looking to expand their living space while seamlessly blending the outdoors with the indoors. They envisioned a stylish conservatory that could be used throughout the year, providing a hybrid extension feel to their bungalow. Their main goal was to create a modern interpretation of a classic conservatory design while ensuring maximum comfort and usability.

Our Solution

Design and Material Selection

Our first step was to select materials and a design that would bring the clients’ vision to life. We chose a stylish, hybrid conservatory design that would seamlessly merge with the bungalow’s existing structure. To achieve this, we used a sliding door system and solar-controlled self-cleaning glazing. These choices not only provided a modern and sleek aesthetic, but also offered exceptional functionality and energy efficiency.

Year-Round Comfort

To guarantee year-round usability, we paid special attention to insulation and temperature control. The solar-controlled glazing used for the conservatory’s roof and walls allowed ample sunlight to enter while regulating temperature and minimizing UV exposure. This, in turn, provided a comfortable environment inside, whether it was the middle of winter or a summers day.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Integration

The sliding door system created a seamless transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces. When fully opened, it allowed the clients to merge their living space with the garden, bringing nature closer to their everyday lives. This design choice not only enhanced their living experience but also contributed to improved ventilation and a feeling of spaciousness.

Project Execution and Completion

Our skilled team completed the build and installation process efficiently, minimising any disruption to the clients’ daily routine while working closely within industry safety regulations.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Comfortable Living: The stylish bungalow conservatory delivered on the clients’ vision, providing a comfortable living space that could be enjoyed throughout the year.
  • Seamless Connection to Nature: The sliding door system and thoughtful design created a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing the clients to savour their garden’s beauty every day.
  • Modern Aesthetics: The modern take on the classic conservatory design added a touch of elegance and contemporary flair to their home, impressing both the clients and their visitors.
  • Energy Efficiency: The solar-controlled glazing not only maintained an ideal temperature, but also reduced heating and cooling costs, making the conservatory an eco-friendly addition to their property.


Ultimately, our team transformed the clients’ dream of a stylish bungalow conservatory into a reality. By carefully considering their goals, selecting the right materials, and incorporating cutting-edge design elements, we created a beautiful and energy-efficient extension to their home. This project added substantial value to their property while improving their daily living experience, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional results for every client we work with.

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