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    Custom Made Porches

    At Richard Thomas, we design and build tailor-made Porches that give homes character while providing additional space and protection.

    Each Porch is designed based on your own specifications, with guidance from our team to ensure that you achieve the functionality you are after, as well as a cohesive design that works with the rest of your property.

    We are proud to offer customers an incredibly high level of customer service thanks to our personal approach. Over the past two decades, we’ve worked on hundreds of homes to deliver high quality home improvement solutions.

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    A Range of Porch Styles Available

    We’re proud to offer our customers Porches in any style, designed and finished exactly as desired. This includes everything from open canopy Porch archways to airy glass Porches that double up as reading rooms.

    No matter what style you are after and even if you don’t see it listed below, we’re able to fulfil most requests – contact our team today.

    Traditional Front Porch

    This style is characterised by a small, covered entryway located at the front of the house. It typically features a pitched roof, columns or pillars supporting the roof and may have a partial or full-height wall enclosing the Porch area.

    Enclosed Porch

    An Enclosed Porch offers a transitional space between the indoors and the outdoors. As well as being a perfect place for shoe and coat storage, they also make excellent reception areas and reading rooms. An Enclosed Porch can help maximise energy efficiency in your home by minimising heat escaping through the front door.

    Canopy Porch

    A Canopy Porch is a simple and cost-effective option. It consists of a roof-like structure attached to the exterior wall of the house, providing a sheltered area at the entrance. Canopy Porches can be made of various materials, such as metal or wood.

    Georgian Porch

    Inspired by the architectural style of the Georgian era, this Porch style features a more formal and symmetrical design. It typically includes columns along with decorative details like fluting, carving and moulding, as well as a pediment above the entrance.

    Victorian Porch

    Reflecting the Victorian era’s ornate and decorative style, this type of Porch often includes intricate woodwork, elaborate spindles and decorative brackets. It can extend along the front or wrap around the sides of the house, creating an inviting and charming entryway. 

    Bespoke Design

    No matter what design you have in mind, our team of Porch designers can help you achieve it. We’ll work with you to design the perfect Porch for your home, with a choice of materials, Windows and Doors. All builds are completed to an incredibly high standard by a team who respect your time, home and budget.  

    Looking for more inspiration? View our portfolio of work. 

    Why Choose Richard Thomas for Your Porch?

    At Richard Thomas, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional customer service and delivering perfectly built Porches. Our friendly team is dedicated to ensuring that the process of designing and constructing your new Porch is as effortless as possible.

    Throughout the construction, we’ll provide regular updates on our progress and encourage an open line of communication to make the process as smooth and as comfortable as possible.

    Our skilled tradesmen are not only experts in their craft but also diligent in maintaining a tidy work environment. We understand the importance of minimising disruption and mess during the construction process. Rest assured that your property will be treated with utmost care and respect.

    To ensure smooth project management, our in-house team of experts, comprising Kevin Clark, Ben Shepherd and Ben Slater, will oversee every aspect of your Porch’s construction, from start to finish.

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    If you’re considering a new Porch and would like to discuss your initial ideas, seek inspiration or request a quote, our team is eager to hear from you.

    Feel free to reach out to us at 01202 488944 or email us via our contact form. We look forward to helping your design and build your dream home.