Gable End Conservatory With Dwarf Wall

Location: New Milton, Hampshire

Project Background

Our clients, New Milton, Hampshire, homeowners, were keen on enhancing their living space with a gable end conservatory that would not only flood their home with natural light but also provide optimal comfort throughout the seasons. Their primary goal was to seamlessly integrate the conservatory into their existing bungalow, ensuring that it would be a space to enjoy year-round while maintaining energy efficiency.

Our Solution

To meet the clients’ aspirations, our expert team developed a comprehensive plan and executed the project with precision.

Design and Integration

Our first step involved cutting into the existing bungalow roof and constructing a gable dormer to adapt and receive the conservatory gable ridge seamlessly. This meticulous process ensured a cohesive integration that complemented the existing architecture. The classic dwarf wall provided a traditional touch, anchoring the conservatory in elegance.

Natural Light and Comfort

The design prioritised ample natural light with the inclusion of a gable end, strategically positioned to allow sunlight to flood the conservatory. The PVC French doors not only added a touch of classic charm but also provided easy access to the garden, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. The gable end design also facilitated excellent ventilation, contributing to a comfortable living environment.

Energy Efficiency and Temperature Regulation

To address energy efficiency, the conservatory was equipped with glazing that blocked up to 86% of the sun’s heat. This feature ensured that the space remained cool in summer while retaining warmth during winter, creating a pleasant environment for the clients year-round.

Project Execution and Completion of the Gable End Conservatory

Our skilled craftsmen executed the project meticulously, paying attention to every detail in the design plan. The gable end conservatory was seamlessly integrated into the existing bungalow, and the installation process was completed efficiently.

Benefits and Outcomes of the Gable End Conservatory

  • Year-Round Comfort: The gable end conservatory provides the clients with a comfortable living space, that will be an optimal temperature throughout the year.
  • Optimal Light Exposure: The design allowed plenty of natural light to flood the conservatory, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.
  • Energy Efficiency: The glazing blocked up to 86% of the sun’s heat, contributing to energy efficiency and temperature regulation throughout the seasons.
  • Seamless Integration: The gable dormer seamlessly adapted to the existing bungalow roof, creating a unified and aesthetically pleasing exterior.


In this case study, we successfully realised the clients’ vision of a spacious gable end conservatory that seamlessly integrated into their existing bungalow.

By carefully considering their goals, selecting the right materials, and emphasising year-round comfort and energy efficiency, we created a stunning and functional addition to their home. This project not only added substantial value to their property but also improved their daily living experience, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results in the realm of home improvement and architectural design.

At Richard Thomas, we aim to make your extension, conservatory or orangery visions a reality. We are able to design a space that effortlessly blends in with the look and style of your home. With a range of roofs, doors and windows, we can achieve any objective that you may have, be it more natural light, energy efficiency or luxury.

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