LIVin Room Orangery

Location: Weymouth

Project Background

Our clients were looking to enhance their living space with a sleek, modern orangery for their family to enjoy. They wanted a room that would blend contemporary design features with a warm, family-friendly interior, serving as the heart of their home while offering a connection to the outdoors.

Our Solution

Design and Material Selection

Our first step was to design a contemporary yet family-friendly orangery. We incorporated brick piers to add a touch of traditional charm and to give the new orangery a solid appearance. The centrepiece of the orangery was a large aluminium bi-folding door, which created a seamless connection to the garden and allowed ample natural light to flood the space.

Indoor-Outdoor Connection

The aluminium bi-folding door allowed for a free-flowing indoor-outdoor connection. When fully opened, it allowed the clients to merge their living space with the garden, creating a versatile area for family gatherings and entertaining guests.

Attention to Detail

We paid careful attention to the finishing touches, matching the flat aluminium guttering and wall colours with the exterior of their home. Internally, the orangery was plastered to create a polished, inviting atmosphere.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Contemporary Elegance: The LIVin Room Orangery seamlessly blended contemporary design elements with family-friendly features, creating a modern yet welcoming living space.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Versatility: The large aluminium bi-folding door allowed for a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor areas, making the orangery ideal for family activities and entertaining.
  • Attention to Detail: Close attention to detail in the external and internal features meant that the orangery was not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.


Upon project completion, the clients were delighted with the finished installation. Their new LIVin Room Orangery provided them with a functional, visually impressive space that catered to their family’s needs and design preferences.

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