Anthracite Grey Hybrid Orangery Conservatory

Location: Bournemouth

Project Background

Our clients; Bournemouth residents, were in search of an architectural masterpiece that would elevate their living experience. They envisioned a hybrid orangery conservatory that would blend the best of both worlds – the warmth of a traditional orangery and the modernity of a conservatory. Their primary goal was to create a space that they could enjoy throughout the year, from bright daylight to cosy evenings.

Our Solution

To bring the clients vision to life, our expert team crafted a comprehensive plan and executed the project meticulously.

Design and Material Selection

Our first step was to design a hybrid orangery conservatory that flawlessly blended traditional and modern elements. We opted for a striking anthracite grey colour both internally and externally, creating a bold and contemporary aesthetic. The design process paid careful attention to every detail, ensuring that the installation would capture the timeless elegance of a traditional orangery while incorporating modern features.

Year-Round Comfort

To ensure year-round usability, we integrated high-quality insulation and efficient glazing. This not only provided excellent temperature control but also allowed the clients to enjoy their new space no matter the weather outside.

Client Satisfaction and Glowing Reviews

The design process and installation were highly praised by the customers. They left glowing reviews online, emphasising their satisfaction with the project’s execution, design, and the exceptional results achieved.

Benefits and Outcomes of the Hybrid Orangery Conservatory

  • Year-Round Oasis: The hybrid orangery conservatory delivered on the Parkers’ desire for a space they could enjoy every day of the year, from sunny days to cosy evenings.
  • Modern Contemporary Aesthetics: The striking anthracite grey colour and contemporary design elements captured the essence of modernity while preserving the timeless elegance of a traditional orangery.
  • Client Satisfaction: The glowing online reviews from the clients were a testament to their complete satisfaction with the design process, installation, and the final outcome.


In this case study, we successfully transformed the Parkers’ vision of an anthracite grey hybrid orangery conservatory into a year-round oasis of comfort and style. By meticulously considering their goals, selecting the right materials, and emphasising client satisfaction, we created a stunning, contemporary, and highly functional addition to their home. This project not only added significant value to their property but also improved their daily living experience, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results in the realm of home improvement and architectural design.

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