Victorian Conservatory with Contemporary Enhancements

Location: Southbourne, Bournemouth

Project Background

Our clients, homeowners in Southbourne, Bournemouth, envisioned enhancing their property with a classic Victorian Conservatory that seamlessly integrated traditional charm with modern functionality. Their primary goal was to create a versatile living space that could be enjoyed throughout the year, at various times of the day. However, they sought a timeless design that would not only blend in with their homes aesthetic and add value to their home but also incorporate contemporary features for enhanced comfort and convenience.

Our Solution

To address the clients’ aspirations, Richard Thomas devised a comprehensive plan that seamlessly integrated traditional aesthetics with modern enhancements.

Design and Integration

Our design team meticulously crafted a classic Victorian Conservatory that captured the essence of traditional elegance. The conservatory’s architectural elements, including the ornate detailing and graceful curves, were meticulously designed to complement the clients’ home while adding timeless charm.

Additionally, the incorporation of a contemporary internal pelmet provided a sleek and modern touch, housing LED spotlights that illuminated the space with gentle, ambient lighting.

Modern Comfort and Convenience

The conservatory was equipped with 80% heat reflective self-cleaning roof glazing, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year. This advanced glazing technology regulated temperature and minimised heat loss, creating a comfortable environment for relaxation or entertainment, regardless of external weather conditions.

Client Satisfaction and Benefits of the Classic Victorian Conservatory

Upon completion, the classic Victorian Conservatory exceeded the clients’ expectations, providing them with a versatile living space that seamlessly blended traditional elegance with modern comfort. The incorporation of contemporary features, such as the internal pelmet with LED spotlights and advanced glazing technology, enhanced the functionality and usability of the conservatory, ensuring it could be enjoyed year-round, at any time of the day.


Richard Thomas successfully realised the clients’ vision of a classic Victorian Conservatory with contemporary enhancements. By carefully blending traditional aesthetics with modern features, we delivered a bespoke solution that not only added aesthetic value to their home but also enhanced comfort and convenience.

This project exemplifies our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and client satisfaction, reaffirming our position as a leader in home improvement and architectural design.

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