Victorian Conservatory With an Internal Orangery Pelmet

Location: Southbourne, Dorset

Project Background

Our clients’ residents of Southbourne, Dorset, had a vision to breathe new life into their classic, yet aging, Victorian conservatory. They longed for a space that would not only retain its timeless charm but also incorporate modern elements, making it more energy-efficient and visually appealing. Their primary goal was to create a contemporary living space that they could enjoy year-round.

We installed a completely new Conservatory on an existing base with new windows, French doors as well as a completely new roof which has the modern orangery internal pelmet.

The Solution

To bring the clients’ vision to life, our expert team formulated a comprehensive plan and executed the project meticulously.

Design and Material Selection

Our first step was to carefully consider the design elements and materials. We decided to replace all the windows and doors as well as the conservatory roof to ensure a cohesive and modern look. The conservatory roof was fitted with 80% solar heat reflective glazing, which improved insulation and energy efficiency while providing a comfortable living environment throughout the year.

Modernised Living Space

To give the conservatory a contemporary edge, we added an internal orangery pelmet. This pelmet served as a stylish feature that also concealed LED spotlights. The spotlights not only illuminated the space beautifully but also allowed for flexible lighting options, creating a modern and inviting ambiance.

Client Satisfaction and Modernisation

The clients were thrilled with the completed renovation. Their conservatory had been transformed into a favoured, modernised living space that blended classic charm with contemporary comfort. The project exceeded their expectations, resulting in complete client satisfaction.

Benefits and Outcomes

  • Modernised Charm: The renovated Victorian conservatory seamlessly combined classic charm with modern elements, creating a space that was both timeless and contemporary.
  • Energy Efficiency: The addition of solar heat reflective glazing and improved insulation made the conservatory more energy-efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Contemporary Elegance: The internal orangery pelmet with LED spotlights added a touch of contemporary elegance, creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere.
  • Client Satisfaction: The customers were delighted with the renovation, which exceeded their expectations, resulting in a modernised living space they cherished.


We successfully transformed the clients’ classic Victorian conservatory into a modernised living space that blended classic charm with contemporary elegance. By meticulously considering their goals, selecting the right materials, and emphasising energy efficiency, we created a stunning, functional, and visually appealing addition to their home and provided complete client satisfaction.

This project not only added significant value to their property but also improved their daily living experience, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional results in the realm of home improvement and architectural design.

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